“The poor are hungry” – Residents loot a bus fully loaded with bags of rice during temporary stop in Ibadan

A video showing the moment a bus was attacked by individuals of different genders and bags of what appeared to be bags of rice were looted in Ibadan has generated reactions.

According to reports, the bus was on its way to a specific location when it made a stop in Ibadan.

There were rumors that the bus contained relief materials, so the residents of Ibadan immediately attacked the bus and started emptying or carting away its contents.

Confirming the incident, an individual who seemed to have first-hand knowledge of the incident shared on his social media page, “A fully loaded bus with bags of rice had a temporary stop in Ibadan. People thought it was relief materials, stormed it, and looted the bus. The poor are hungry.”

After the video received considerable attention, individuals have stormed the comment section of the post to share their opinions.

Here are some of the reactions:

@CoderstechAi: “Chimoooo, Who knew dinner delivery could be this entertaining? Bags of rice vs hungry people, truly an unexpected match. Feeding the hungry should be a priority, not crowd-surfing on food. Let’s keep the focus on finding sustainable solutions for those in need.”

@ipob_central: “I think say na Only Aba and Kano dey feel am. So this kind of Hunger dey 4 Yorubaland when Agbado is surplus everywhere.” 

@DrJay2222: “After 4 years of this hardship, this same people will still vote their oppressor because of tribe or religion.” 

@nnamdi83: “70% of that crowd voted “renewed shege”; They are simply reaping the fruits of their labour! No qualms!” 

@LawalFuad1: “The poor ain’t hungry, they are just opportunistic, if they are Hungry, they know what to do.”