“The only letter I want to read is Isreal DMW’s sack letter” – Davido insists

Popular Afrobeat singer, Davido Adeleke insists on having his logistic manager, Isreal DMW, sacked following his recent public declarations.

davido isreal dmw

This is coming after Isreal was suspended from the DMW crew and also unfollowed on Instagram by Davido over his takes on controversial topics.

In a snapshot revealed by the DMW’s lawyer, Prince Bobo Ajudua, the superstar singer was prompted to review a pending document that requires urgent attention. In response, Davido insisted on being interested in Isreal DMW’s resignation letter instead.

“When I tell you this guy isn’t normal! Please who says this to their lawyer when given something to go through and give feedback on urgently?! ????? I can NOT! @davido @asaasika Please guys can you tell me whose fault it is he hasn’t eaten?! ???,” Prince Bobo wrote while sharing the snapshot.

See the chat below …

"The only letter I want to read is Isreal DMW's sack letter" - Davido insists