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“The moment you tell most men you’re a doctor/nurse they bring up marriage” – Female health worker laments

A Twitter user, identified as @Tejumola has taken to the micro blogging platform to state that most men do not go for female medics because of who they are; but because they feel they’ve found a trophy.

The lady complained on Twitter that if a woman tells a Nigerian man she’s a doctor or a nurse, they quickly bring up marriage without even knowing and understanding her.

She went on to say that most Nigerian men regard female doctors as trophies, and that most of these guys are reluctant to help them because they feel they are wealthy.

She backed up her claim with a tweet claiming that males drove around the Lagos University Teaching Hospital looking for female physicians and nurses.

Her tweet reads:

“It’s quite interesting and sad to see that Nigerian female medics are hardly ever desired for who they are. The moment you tell most Nigerian men you’re a doctor/nurse, they bring up marriage because to them, they’ve found a trophy.

They fixate on that little detail and get so immersed in it that, as far as they’re concerned, that’s all they need to know about you. They just want to be able to say “My wife is a doctor.”

Your entire personality doesn’t matter, they are not willing to spend on you like they would other girls, they just want that “trophy” in their house. And you spend so much time in school that by the time you graduate, these men think they are doing you a favour.”

See her post below;