“The kiss with Groovy was scripted” – Uriel confesses as she spills whole secrets

Reality TV star, Uriel made a fresh statement, revealing that the kiss with fellow reality TV star, Groovy were completely scripted.

This revelation came several days after a video of the reality TV star surfaced online, showing the moment she shared a passionate kiss with Groovy.

kiss Groovy scripted Uriel
Reality TV star, Uriel.

Despite video evidence from various news sources, the female reality TV star dismissed claims that she kissed Groovy.

However, in a new statement, Uriel maintained that she kissed Groovy but it was entirely scripted.

In her statement, she said, “These last couple of days have made me realize I don’t want to act again. Kudos to actors, hats off to you because it is not easy.”

“We had a fantastic time; we were on assignment, we took on roles, and basically, we were into each other. Everything you saw was part of an assignment.”

Groovy, who happened to be present at the very moment, added, “Yes, it was an assignment, it was scripted, especially when we had to kiss goodbye. It was not a real kiss.”

The reality TV stars made other revealing statements in the video, which is attached below.

Meanwhile, social media users who watched the clip have taken to the comment section of the post to share their opinions on the revelation.

See some reactions below:

@k_Opsie: “Werey trying to do Damage control after you wrote long article explaining how you can’t deny yourself of love because of age difference and we should use Stan Nze and Blessing as an example.”

@official_adags: “You have been kissing different guys from times memorial so we aren’t moved.”

@official_adags: “Groovy seems to be really happy with the script of the movie.”

@chrisnyakarare: “even kiss are scripted better not be actor.”

@FortuneVandera: “You will even kiss to chase clout and you are wondering why nobody wants you. Interesting.”


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