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“The day we fix Nigeria, prayer contractors will lose their jobs” — Businessman, Awuzie writes

A businessman by the name Charles Awuzie on social media, has stated that the day Nigeria works, prayer contractors will lose their jobs.

Nigeria works prayer contractors lose job businessman

According to him, many people in Nigeria run to their pastors for prayers, over essential things that a working system in a country can provide for them, like good healthcare because of poverty and too much religious beliefs.

Charles Awuzie went further to recount his experience with high fever, and disclosed that the paramedics in South Africa were at his home in just 5 minutes, after he placed an emergency call.

He wrote on his verified Facebook page:

“At 1am, my temperature hit the roof…

I struggled to walk…

An Emergency paramedical team showed up in 5 minutes. Checked my vitals and confirmed that everything is fine. They monitored me and in 30 minutes, the temperature went down.

Besides the thigh muscle pain, I feel better now.

Some deaths in Nigeria are caused by poverty and a poor Healthcare system. I have faith in the South African Healthcare system – although their approach can be more experimental than curative sometimes.

Here’s the thing ?… It took 5 minutes for a fully equipped ambulance ? to arrive in my home – 5 minutes.

With a functional health care system, you won’t have to call prophets in the midnight when you feel sick – you will phone an emergency medical team.

Religion in Nigeria feasts on the poverty and lack of functional systems in the country.

The day we fix Nigeria, prayer contractors will lose their job.

Thank God for medical science – Tinubu and Buhari jets into London because they know that a functional Healthcare system can keep you alive than the prayers of their religious leaders.
It’s 2:30am now and I need to get some rest.


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