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This is One of The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in Nigeria and Here’s Why


When it comes to digital trading, Nigerians are one of the most prominent in the world, from the age of forex trading to the era of cryptocurrency and gift cards purchase. As we always proudly say, “Naija no dey carry last!” However, the major challenge of traders and merchants is the issue of reliability and trust as most platforms are not secure and leave room for scam. This is the gap that CoinCola, a Chinese off-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency exchange platform, is bridging especially in the Nigerian cryptocurrency community.

To get started on CoinCola, you need to first register (registration takes less than a minute and you will be given 0.0001BTC which is dispensed after your first trade). After you register, there are only 3 steps to take to trade:

1. Log on to CoinCola and on the menu, click on OTC

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in Nigeria

2. On the far left of the page is the OTC menu which gives you the option to buy or sell BTC and gift card. At the center of the page are various offers from traders across the
world. On the far right of the list is the call-to-action button which in the image below is ‘Buy BTC’. To purchase bitcoin, click on the Buy Now icon and the trader’s page will come up.

3. On the trader’s page, enter the amount you would like to buy and click on ‘Buy Now’. The same process applies to other actions under the OTC menu such as Gift Card

Furthermore, some comparisons between CoinCola and other trading platforms and revealed some amazing features that CoinCola has over other platforms.

● First is the OTC trade fees. While other platforms charge 1% value of the transaction (in
dollars), CoinCola only charges 0.7%. You can also send bitcoin to other users on the
site for FREE as long as the transaction is below 0.5BTC.

● Unlike other platforms where your funds lose value over time, you can buy a stable coin,
USDT (USD Tether), which maintains its $1 value. So you if you store your funds for a
long period, you can be sure that it will not lose its value.

● The platform also provides flexibility in terms of the cryptocurrency and altcoins. It also
has multiple payment options like Paypal, Western Union, sell various Gift Cards, even
bank transfers.

Another major advantage of using the CoinCola is its referral system which allows you to earn in

Find details of the referral promotion details below.
1. Once a user signs up with your referral link and completes a trade, you qualify for a

2. Commission = trade volume x transaction fee x reward ratio; it will be sent to your
CoinCola account as soon as the transaction is completed.

3. For the first 30 days, the reward rate is 20%, followed by a 15% reward. Full reward
period is 180 days.

4. Commissions can only be paid in the cryptocurrency used in transacting the deal. To
check the full details of your reward, Go to your “Wallet,” then “Cryptocurrency,” and click
on “Reward History”.

5. Referred users are required to correctly fill in the ‘Know Your Customer’ form in order for
the referrer to receive their reward.

There are several options for cryptocurrency exchange today but CoinCola stands out as one of
the few that is easy, secure and gives you value like none other.

CoinCola BTC bonus for new users http://bit.ly/316iqE1


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