“The baby is white, his hair is yellow” – Beautiful lady touches hearts online as she welcomes surprise albino baby

A lady who recently gave birth to a cute son with albinism got many people emotional as she shared the story of how she was shocked to see her baby having features of albinism after delivery.

In the picture slides attached to her TikTok page, she mentioned that she had done a lot of tests before the delivery date.

"The baby is white, his hair is yellow" - Beautiful lady touches hearts online as she welcomes surprise albino baby

When she eventually conceived, she was shocked as she wasn’t expecting a child so white but a brown-skinned baby.

She added that the doctors and nurses who helped conceive the baby were also shocked as ‘The baby is white, his hair is yellow’.

However, she maintained that eventually when her eyes cleared, she saw how beautiful her baby was and embraced what God had given her.

Due to his unique features and color, she revealed that she fell in love with him because he was so cute.

When one of the doctors came visiting, she claimed to have asked her if her son was an albino, as no one in her husband’s family or her family has an albino. But she was reassured that he’s not an albino and with time, his real skin would return.

She showed many other slides, including photos of her new baby in the said post made on her media page, a post which has attracted attention online.

See some reactions below:

King Magda Manuella Antonio: “‎I too gave birth to a baby with albinism, a baby girl on the 25 July 2023, she’s so beautiful and her hair is still yellow with blue eyes.”

Joy: “‎I followed you cos I came across your story yesterday, so inspiring. well done mummy, love to baby Zayne.”

Sweet p: “‎Awe my daughter have type 2 albinism her hair still white and she have blue eyes she is now 1.”

SlainteADB: “‎He is SO adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your family. I never would have know there were 7 types. Does each type come with different challenges?”

Tory: “‎this is so beautiful. I don’t get why people hate on albinos… I love them and wish to give birth to one at least.”

Official ogemdi22: “‎Aww the caption on the 30th pics made me remember a movie with a child with albinism your baby is cute.”

hhgfgchhg: “‎I’m not crying you are this was sooo emotional you are a great mother … thank you for loving him.”

Noelle: “‎Has it affected his eyesight at all? I know some albinism can cause eye problems. He’s absolutely beautiful.”

Drealbadbaby: “‎Lol similar as mine. My child is white like an half cast nothing wey dem no talk even till date! Thankgod your husband is standing by you.”


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