Teni dragged for paying homage to businessman, IBD Dende

Nigerian singer, Teni dragged for paying respect to IBD Dende who was called out recently for smuggling related activities.

The singer met him on a flight and wasted no time to pay her respects, lying down to prostrate and greet him.

However, this did not sit well with many Nigerians who found it weird that she was showing him so much respect, especially with his alleged involvement in crime.

Teni dragged for paying homage to businessman, IBD Dende
Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata.

The last few months, the businessman was repeatedly called out by investigative reporter, Fisayo Soyombo for being allegedly involved in smuggling and also the killing of a customs officer.

Even though, IBD Dende responded, claiming that he was not that sort of person, the reporter refused to back down, sharing evidence alongside his reports.

Teni dragged for paying homage to businessman, IBD Dende
Businessman, IBD Dende.

Thus, many social media users are annoyed with Teni for getting involved with the man despite all the reports.

Here are some reactions to her post

@RealOlaudah wrote: “Once you’re slum, it’s very difficult to remove poverty from you even when they think you’ve ‘made it’. Slum is slum.”

@GodwinDenzel observed: “Disrespected Buhari in public view to roll on the floor for IBD Dende! 😂😂😂 HYPOCRITE”

@Abdulherphyz added: “Fisayo Soyombo spent 6 weeks reeling out many allegations of smuggling against this man; backed up with audio-visual evidences. His businesses and source of wealth have negative consequences for our country, corrupt authorities didn’t say anything and then here you are legitimising him. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

@iamcorrectbro asked: “Do celebrities care about the people or is it all about their pockets”

@steveabbey_ claimed: “Musicians are one of the biggest tools to criminal politicians. Teni can’t tell me she doesn’t know what he does”

@kuwait_magix added: “Your dad Apata was a honourable man known for strictness. Look at how you’re just worshiping a criminal.
Lack of contentment brought you this low.
We know you.”

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