Teebillz dragged over his emotional post to P. Diddy

Teebillz receives backlash from netizens for his Instagram post addressed to American artiste, P. Diddy, in which he adulated him.

The American artiste was recently outed in a trending video, which showed him physically abusing his then girlfriend, Cassie.

Cassie had sued the rapper last year and was offered settlement out of court.

However, the video which was obtained by CNN showed Diddy violently beating Cassie in a hotel lobby.

Teebillz dragged after his emotional post to P. Diddy

Apparently, this video is enough evidence for the charges against him to be pressed and it will attract serious jail term for the singer.

This seemed to touch Teebillz who has always admired P. Diddy and looked up to him because of his dedication to being a good father, a trait he says he learnt from him.

His post reads;

“I grew up wanted to be you and I achieved certain things in life bcos of you! I’m grateful for everything I learned from you! I’m teaching my kids not to idolize no one but God. I pray for the mental & emotional wellbeing of your children and may God forgive your soul… The best thing I learned from you is being a father regardless….”

After so much backlash from netizens, he doubled down with a follow up post, claiming that he was just heartbroken to see his mentor going down like that and he would have ended P. Diddy’s life if Cassie was his daughter.

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Teebillz dragged after his emotional post to P. Diddy

Teebillz dragged after his emotional post to P. Diddy

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