Tappers in panic mode as Tapswap removes wallet option

Hours after the viral crypto-mining platform announced it would no longer launch on Solana, Tapswap removed its wallet option.

This sudden change caused panic among ‘Tapswappers,’ especially since it coincided with a postponed launch date.

Tappers in panic mode as Tapswap removes wallet option

A Nigerian crypto expert on Facebook, H-tech affirmed the wallet removal while urging miners to be calm and await an update.

Stay calm as TAPSWAP remove the WALLET option from the App,” he wrote.


Crypto experts have, however, suggested possible reasons for the wallet removal. Moreblessing Ogbogo speculated that the removal might indicate Tapswap’s decision to abandon its plans to launch on Solana.

“Initially, Tapswap proposed launching on the Solana chain, but due to a lack of full backing and sponsorship from Solana, they decided to switch to another blockchain,” he stated.

Another expert, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma added;

“Well, yes, they have; well, I think the project wasn’t expected to be this much of a huge success, and a blockchain was already there, and I believe the time they realized they could expand more I’m not saying Solana is bad but no knows what their plans are.

NOTCOIN didn’t choose a particular exchange from the onset. It just happened, and listing on different exchanges started popping up. I will say it’s for the best, but let’s see how things turn around. I have my fingers still crossed that this project wasn’t a mistake.”

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