Tap Swap bans Nigerian users, platform inaccessible

Tap Swap, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has reportedly blocked or banned Nigerian users from its platform.

This decision has been met with controversy and outrage from affected users.

Tap Swap bans Nigerian users, platform inaccessible

According to social media posts from various individuals, the website fails to load or process transactions when accessed using a Nigerian internet connection.

@AuthorHeaven_EW tweeted, It appears that the popular crypto exchange Tap Swap has made the controversial decision to block users from Nigeria.”

Other users have also reported being unable to access their TapSwap accounts, with @bagboylammy stating, “If you can’t access your Tapswap, it’s because they’ve removed Nigeria from their airdrop list.”

@rutie_xx simply tweeted, “Tapswap has cancelled Nigeria.”

The reasons behind Tap Swap’s decision to block Nigerian users are unclear.

The move has left many Nigerian users stranded, unable to access their accounts or conduct transactions.

This development highlights the challenges and uncertainties faced by cryptocurrency users.

As the situation unfolds, affected users are seeking answers and solutions, hoping for a resolution that will allow them to regain access to their accounts and continue participating in the cryptocurrency market.

Social media posts from some affected users include: