SZA Narrates How She Caught Her Man Cheating on Her with Her Friend; Keke Palmer Comes in with the Plot Twist

SZA has recounted the heartbreaking experience of catching her man cheating on her with her home girl. The singer who trended on social media a few days ago after she crowned herself queen of R’n’B shared the tale in a Twitter thread.

SZA revealed that she had been invited to a party by this particular friend and after sometime, she started looking for her friend and boyfriend.

To her utmost shock, she found both of them with each other in the last room she checked and just quietly apologised for the intrusion before making her way home with hot tears streaming down her face.

She tweeted:

“That time I caught my ex f–king my homegirl from the back at a house party ?… ??‍♀️ story time is not enough. I checked every single room in the house and they were in the LAST ONE AAHAHA OMG. What’s sick is she invited me to the partyyyy ????. Everybody thinks they become donkey Kong in that situation but I really just said “oop SORRY !!” And closed the door real fast ? I walked all the way home in the dark alone and cried ?”

Keke Palmer hopped in on the thread, revealing that she had experienced something similar to SZA’s plight. However in her own case, she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with a man.Oopps!

She wrote “Been there, except it was a man love. Now get into it. ?”

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