Susan Pwajok finally speaks on the kind of relationship she shares with Ruger

Nollywood actress, Susan Pwajok, has denied viral reports of having a romantic affair with Nigerian singer, Ruger.

While featuring on MTV Base Africa’s Let’s Get Chatty she maintained that it is all fake news until she comes out to say it herself.

She said; “At the end of the day, it’s [a] rumour until you see or hear it from my mouth. Until I come and say I’m dating this person, please, it’s fake news. Even if you see a video of me kissing the person, it’s fake until I say yes, I’m with this person.”

Ruger had admitted to dating the actress in an Instagram post last year after initially denying the rumors on Clout Africa’s Clout Talk Concert 2.0.

However, Pwajok has now denied the rumors, stating that they will remain a rumor until she confirms that they are dating.

Her colleague, Genoveva Umeh, had asked her to clarify the rumors of her dating a famous person. Pwajok replied that it is fake news until she confirms it herself.

The rumors of Pwajok dating Ruger had made the rounds on social media, with many fans speculating about the alleged relationship.

However, Pwajok’s recent statement has put an end to the rumors, at least for now. Neither Ruger nor Pwajok have made any further comments on the matter.