Surprise as dispatch rider set to deliver Sallah Ram

With only a few hours left before Eid-el Kabir, many shocked as a ram is set to be delivered by a dispatch rider in Lagos.

The video has sparked a lot of comments are still finding the scenario hard to believe.

The dispatch rider managed to fit the ram into the small van at the back of his bike while weaving in and out of Lagos traffic with the animal.

Surprise as dispatch rider set to deliver Sallah Ram

Many social media users found it hilarious and shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Here are some of them

iyanshawty asked: “How did it even enter that small box? 😂”

dailywebmedia said: “If this RAM Japa for this traffic, Even though den sell the Bike, The Money no reach to buy RAM, Cz See as the RAM dey look like who go Jump down..He one put the Dispatch rider for Gbese!!”

tochi_lifestyle claimed: “You can’t survive in Lagos if you’re mentally stable 😂”

iamhassano stated: “Make the ram shaa reach location be koko”

shoes_by_demokraft opined: “You should know a serious plug by now 😢 That ram plug just enter lagos, And trying to have many clients as much as possible 😂😂😂”

Watch the video here