Sunday Igboho dismisses claims that he works for politicians

Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba nation agitator, has denied allegations of collaborating with politicians. He emphasized that he is solely focused on advocating for the Yoruba cause.

In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Olayomi Koiki, Sunday Igboho strongly refuted the accusations of colluding with politicians, emphasizing the pressing need to reclaim Yoruba lands from Fulani control, highlighting the importance of preserving the cultural heritage and security of the Yoruba people.

Sunday Igboho dismisses claims that he works for politicians
Sunday Igboho

He cited violence and displacement in Ekiti State as evidence of the pressing need for action.

He said: “It is after we recover our farmlands from Fulani that we will know the next step.”

In his unwavering dedication to safeguarding Yoruba territories and the well-being of its people, Sunday Igboho reiterated his commitment.

He called for the release of Mr. Popoola Iyiola, an elderly man who was arrested in Oyo State due to clashes with Fulani residents. Igboho emphasized the importance of justice and the need to address the underlying tensions to ensure peace and harmony in the region.

He urged the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State to release Mr. Iyiola promptly.

The statement cited escalating tensions in the Fiditi area of Ilora, with warnings directed towards Fulani residents to vacate the location.

Expressing urgency, Igboho called upon Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde to intervene and urged Nigerian security forces to maintain order. 

Igboho also urged his supporters to take proactive measures to tackle Fulani herder attacks in the South-West region.

 He called for unity among the people of the South-West to establish a regional security workforce to safeguard their interests.

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