Student gets beaten by course mates for covering booklet in exam hall (Video)

A male student was brutally beaten by his course mates after he reportedly refused to enable cheating during an exam.

The incident was captured in a disturbing video that has since been circulating online.

According to eyewitness accounts and the circulating video, the victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was taking an exam when his colleagues sitting nearby attempted to copy from his answer booklet.

Refusing to compromise his integrity, the courageous student covered his answer booklet, thwarting any attempt to cheat off his hard work.

The situation quickly escalated as a group of his disgruntled course mates became aggressive, demanding that he allow them to copy his answers. When he continued to resist, they resorted to violence, subjecting him to a horrific physical assault.

In the harrowing footage, the victim can be seen nursing severe head injuries, allegedly inflicted by the attackers smashing bottles on his head outside the exam hall.

The attack left the student bleeding profusely, with some of his classmates trying to stem the flow of blood while recording the disturbing scene.

Eyewitnesses reported that amidst the assault, the assailants expressed their frustration, accusing the victim of failing to do the “reasonable thing” expected of him, which, in their eyes, was facilitating their academic dishonesty.

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