Entertainment News Stop fighting your husband side chics, that’s assault – Monalisa Stephen

Stop fighting your husband side chics, that’s assault – Monalisa Stephen


Monalisa Stephen, an under 30 fashion and lifestyle icon, has warned married women to desist from fighting, confronting their husband’s side chics.

The plus-sized Instagram comedian also advised the women on the best way to tackle a cheating husband, as well as how to keep their husbands away from extra marital affairs.

Sharing a video where she reenacted the infamous fight between an embittered wife who confronted and embarrassed her husband’s alleged side chic at a supermarket, Monalisa Stephen wrote,

“This is a very emotional act for me because at some point I felt the pains and the trouble women go through in their marriages or relationships!

“Dear women, no matter what you do, a man that will Cheat will cheat, But be Sure that you did your best! Dress well, Be clean , Be Kind and supportive and if your best is not enough, Leave , Don’t die there because you are scared of Public Opinion, Remember no one will be with you in the Grave . Stop fighting your Husband side chics, that’s Assault.

“Dear Men, God Created you First and took a rib from you to make us. You’re supposed to be our All in all, father, mother , sister , friend, mentor, Everything . So please Treat your wives right, Some women got issues yeah I know, But Pls be more patience and more caring and Respect Your wife/woman. Take good care of them , don’t turn them to something Else . You can do better

“Dear Side Chics/ Side Guys Hmmmm It’s actually not your fault, But just Caution them a bit don’t take over their homes, Don’t be a home Wrecker. You’re doing well Celebrating Women’s Day”


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