Speed Darlington reveals why he can’t marry a lady who’s been to Lagos

Controversial singer, Speed Darlington, who recently launched search for a wife, has revealed why he cannot marry a lady who has been to Lagos.

The singer recently shared a video narrating his experience at an airport.

Speed Darlington lady marry Lagos
Speed Darlington. Photo source: Google.

He shared a video depicting a Nigerian lady with a Caucasian man and said that a lot of ladies would do anything for money.

Speed Darlington opined that most of the ladies who had been to or are living in Lagos are capable of doing anything for money.

He noted that he cannot for that reason marry any woman who has lived in Lagos or is currently living in Lagos.

Read the comments below:

__chefbrownson said: “Collect sand make u mould your own woman then”

ajubajubal said: “Chai I wish i was that girl right now.. to sue people dey hungry me, cause FFS”

eyebreakdrules said: “The hype is getting into his head coz what manner of fuckery is this ?”

symplybarbz said: “It’s the fact that he thinks he is better than the white man, for me. People are living their lives and with partners they choose to love, this noise makes way no know e self de record de talk nonsense.”

Watch the video below: