Speed Darlington continues to shade Portable, opines he doesn’t change underwear daily

Popular rapper Speed Darlington continues throwing heavy shade at Portable as he mocks him for running from bills, claiming he doesn’t change his underwear daily.

It would be recalled that the abroad-based singer has been throwing shades at the ‘Zazoo’ crooner who was arrested last week over a debt for his G-Wagon.

Speed darlington portable shades shade underwear
Speed Darlington.

Speed Darlington had come online express anger after some folks had made a comparison between him and the controversial musician.

In a recent video that surfaced online, he mocked Portable, making reference to his recently released music, Spider-Man.

Speed darlington portable underwear shades shade

He laughed derisively at the way Portable was being chased by the Police and noted that Portable is the sort of fellow who doesn’t change his underwear daily.

Speed Darlington who is fondly known as Akpi by his fans, went on to make fun of Portable, alleging that he is unhygienic.

Check out reactions that followed …

philistene said: “Portable never really get your time 😂😂”

cashbenkid remarked: “One of the most funniest. 😂”

parker_ojugo commented: “Akpi na content creator abeg make e leave music alone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

adelakuntufayl penned: “Week wey go sweet na from Monday you go know! 😂😂😂😂”

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