“Somebody save us” – Yhemolee cries out as one dollar hits N1500

Popular socialite, Yhemolee cries out for assistance as the naira continues to decline in value relative to the dollar, reaching N1500 today.

In a video that he uploaded to his Instagram profile, Yhemolee bemoaned the country’s economic decline.


He observed that Nigerians are accustomed to suffering and smiling, but that there will come a time when suffering will get out of hand and we will stop smiling.

He said that everything had changed in front of his eyes, recalling a time when one dollar was worth N320.

The socialite asked the nation’s leaders what was going on and declared that war would break out.

He asked them if they wanted to do nothing but watch the value of the naira skyrocket to N4000 to a dollar.

Yhemolee resorted to going back home to meet his mother as he can’t take it no more.

Captioning his video, he wrote: “Somebody save us 😭😭 abi we no be Gayant of Africa again? The regime brutal oh 😭 Lagos to London = 11,500,000m , if you carry woman 23,000,000m.”

See netizens reactions below

lumee_d said: “If to say fela Dey alive now, him music for reach 40 days, 45 minutes of a single track no fit explain wetin Dey happen now now for Nigeria”

iambymo wrote: “Bruh in my Unilag Days I Changed 100Dollar for 15k…..If u know that First Bank after Waec Jibowu. Bruh We Are In SOUP💔”

i_am_san_dra penned: “Can’t believe just 2020 here dollar was 440 and I was complaining 😂”