“So that her marriage can be sweet”– Moment bride chose a jar of honey over all items presented by Groom’s family

A viral video captures the moment a bride selected a jar of honey over other elegant items presented by the Groom’s family.

In the video, a bride wearing a Royal Blue Buba danced towards the groom’s family’s wedding items and chose a jar of honey from among the many exquisite items.

Bride chooses a jar of honey from Groom Family's presentation

She made her decision and then danced to the Yoruba rendition that was playing in the background.

Some netizens wondered why her choice was a jar of honey above every other things, including a bible and others surmised that she wanted her marriage to be sweet.

Check out some reactions to the bride’s choice

KIND DJ JET. wrote: “U see that kind of honey u say make she no carry am. And honey is the sweetness of marriage…

She have bible already and she can also buy it and is common. But original honey not common and I’m sure she doesn’t have honey at home . So she choose the right thing.”

Gifted said: “Cos that’s the gift close to what are hubby feels like.”

Ella penned: “She picked honey so that her marriage can be sweet 😍”


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