Slayqueen brags as she shows off shipload of pouches she uses for her iPhone [Video]

A slayqueen brags about her financial status as she shows off the shipload of pouches she uses on her iPhone.

In the video which has gone viral on Instagram, the lady bragged saying that it’s not just about buying an iPhone, but can one also afford to buy many pouches for it.

Slayqueen iPhone pouches
Slayqueen and her pouches.

She could be seen in the video flaunting the tons of phone covers while taunting broke people.

Watch video below …

Check out reactions trailing the video …

One samvail__ opined: “It’s obvious her boyfriend Dey sell used 189 iPhone casing”

precious.emma5 alleged: “Legend has it that her boyfriend sells phone pouch”

hott_galz said: “Starting her video with ‘ozwor was very unnecessary”

francathefirst observed: “Na only me see that fingerprint phone pashhh for there or na my eye dey pain me?”

fidi_warda wrote: “You fit bay passhh”

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