Sister-in-law seeks advice on how to evict brother’s wife over complaints of catering for five kids belonging to husband’s relative

Family members gang up to evict their brother’s wife over her attitude towards caring for five nephews of her husband under her roof.

According to the narration of a family member, their brother who used to be accommodating began to have issues in his marriage as a result of his wife’s complaints regarding the number of kids in their care.

The brother and his wife have two kids of their own, three others belonging to a family member, and an extra two kids that were added by another relative.

Read the full narration below …

“I’m here to report my brother’s wife to you. My brother happens to be the last born in my family, who is now doing very well. But before he got married he stayed with me in fact I personally raised him when he was 6 He got married 4yrs ago to this girl At first everything was sweet between us(with the rest of my other siblings) because I do go to my brothers place to visit him often because our house is not far from each other.

We started having problems when she started complaining that she needs privacy because I sent 3 of my kids to her I wanted them to attend lesson from their uncle’s place place before COVID 19 now came. My brother stay in 2 bedroom flat they have 2 kids already together with my 3 kid and the couple making them 7.

Every day this woman will be putting up fight with my brother that the children has stayed too long Just 1year plus oh, there was a day I went to visit her she was having issues with my brother and they were insulting each other. I couldn’t hold myself so I gave her a dirty slap.

Even my younger one that came to visit also had issues with her when she was completely that the house will be more tight because she also came with her son making them 9 in numbers.

Notes they are not staying there permanently oh She was complaining one day that she doesn’t like the way they finish food in the house and main while she doesn’t contribute a dime to the up keep it the house and not that my brother who is bringing the money is complaining.

So when my younger one heard her complaining she went straight to her and asked her why is she complaining she was running her mouth and my sister gave her a dirty slap and she had the gods to return the slap.

Ma we are planning to kick her out in a calm way but don’t know how It’s our brother and we all contributed to his life one way or the other the wife can’t tell us where to match.”

Sister-in-law seeks advice on how to evict brother's wife over complaints of catering for five kids belonging to family members

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