Viral News Single mom who has been sleeping with her son cries out after...

Single mom who has been sleeping with her son cries out after he was taken away from her


A single mom has cried out bitterly after her son, whom she used to indulge in s3xual activities with, was taken away from her by her mother.

single mom sexual son

Narrating her story, the lady who is in her 30s, confessed to indulging her son in some s3xual acts, hence she had no husband or man around her.

She opened up on being dumped by her baby daddy after pregnancy and since then, she has been left alone with her cute son, which she now utilizes his services.

Out of confusion, the lady has cried out due to loneliness after her mother took her son away from her, the reason being that she (her mother) wants her to concentrate on a proper relationship.

The lady is currently planning on involving the police and filing a case of kidnap for her son but seems to be afraid that her mother may have had an idea of what took place behind the scene.

Read the story below:

single mom sexual son


  1. See how the whole matter was portrayed.. simply put she was abusing her son sexually.. If it’s a man now he’d be imprisoned for sexua abuse…but now…u see..we are even helping her locate her son.. What if u see “single dad who has been sleeping with his daughter cries for help? Everyone will be shouting toxic masculinity, Rape,kill him,cutoff his private organs..but now..she’s a lady…what she did was normal and the court is by her side…after all…she’s lonely..let’s wise up…let the media know how to portray cases without favouring any gender!! Feminism is cancer!!!


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