Single mom of twins, married to single father of two, bares her heart over martial issue; seeks advice

A single mom of twins, who is married to a single father of two, has lamented over the unfair treatment of her children by her husband.

In a lengthy and emotional account, she narrated how her ex boyfriend impregnated her but never accepted the twins she birth.

Single mom of twins, married to single father of two, bares her heart over martial issue; seeks advice
Single mom of twins, married to single father of two, bares her heart over martial issue; seeks advice. Credit: iStock/ Google.

She had subsequently met another man whose wife had died and has two kids.

According to the lady, her husband frequently and flagrantly treats her children badly while giving preferential treatment to his own kids.

Read her full account below:

“Good evening ceetee, please I really taught I could manage this situation but it’s becoming so disturbing,so at this point I think I might need your followers opinion. I had twin with my EX boyfriend of a very long time of which he never accepted the pregnancy nor take full responsibilities. My EX even travelled out before l gave birth to my twin,in few words I faced a lot.

Currently I’m 32, my twin are 6 years old , to my main problem everyone, I met my current husband through my colleague 2 years ago, he happens to b 34 (then) with 2kids(female too), he lost his wife during the birth of his second child. So we were introduced to each other, NOTE(I was living comfortably then in a room and parlour self con with my twin), we both fell in love and decided to get married after about 8months, during the preparation I was having a conversation with him about how it would go and he said,in every of my plans I shouldn’t add court wedding,that the only person that deserved dat was his late wife I waved it off and didn’t take it serious because I didn’t see it as a big deal.

After we got married,I took it upon myself to play a mother role on both our kids and a wife role to him, ceetee,I singlehandedly cook,clean,do myself, himself and our kids laundry, I iron all the kids uniform, including his owe cloths, there’s no day I buy things for my kids without buying his own kids too(equally), anyday any of them is not feeling good,I stay up all night, I even went as far as going to his kids to(our children attend different school, because his kids own are expensive and I can’t afford it,so I took them to the ones I can afford because I pay their school fees) collect their teachers number, I help all of them with their assignments, ceetee a lot of things I need to put up with because I didn’t raise them so I had to be very patient, but my only pain in this matter is that, my husband doesn’t appreciate my effort and isn’t ready to act like a father to my kids,my kids have never met their father or heard from him,he doesn’t even know they exist,like he acts like he wants them to know he is not their father, whenever he buys things for his kids,we would all be in the sitting room and he would give goodies to his two girls right in front of my girls, a lot of time I have called him to tell him can’t he see the way I’m treating the kids equally,that atleast he should try and be making it complete,but he is always making it sound like I’m feeling entitled.

Single mom of twins, married to single father of two, bares her heart over martial issue; seeks advice
Single mum of twins, married to single father of two, bares her heart over martial issue; seeks advice. Credit: iStock/ Google.

Anyday any of his kids are sick ,I don’t sleep at night and I keep an eye on them, even him wouldn’t sleep,but anyday any of my twin happen to be down, he wouldn’t even border asking how far,he just acts like he doesn’t care, I attend his kids PTA meeting but the day I begged him to attend father’s dady ceremony at my kids school, because for over 3 years they have never participated,he told me he is busy and why would he attend such an event at the first place, he doesn’t play with my kids like his on, he mks them feel special without even looking at my twin twice, even his kids are use to using the word (our daddy) when playing or talking with my kids,but they all call me mummy, it’s always hard for people to know I’m not their mother,but with him it’s very easy to say he is not my twin father.

The previous day we had an heated argument and I told him all my heart,he said,when he didn’t know me his kids were living fine with his mum,that I don’t have to make it look like I’m doing something no one has never done.

Now to the main issue,we both had an heated fight 3weeks ago and till now we still don’t talk, my twin school has. school bus but it’s quiet pricy with the fees so I have them do extra lesson while I pick them on my way home, on this particular day, I was hooked up in serious traffic and me I still left work late so I called my husband to please help me pick them (15minutes drive from our house),as I knew I might be coming home late, he blatantly told me NO, that he is very busy. (someone that works from home), we live in an estate I don’t know anybody to call, I was very worried till I got to my kids school and I realized all pupil and teachers had gone home,my girls were left with security,I felt very bad because what if something happen to them or someone hurt them.

I got home that night and I met him and his kids at home, I showered and went into the kitchen straight to prepare food(rice and stew) for everyone, I dished everyone and he told me I know his kids don’t like taking stew with rice,that they prefer spaghetti (ceetee truly I know),but that spaghetti doesn’t make me filled up,but out of love I have been preparing both spaghetti and rice ), but since he can’t do anything for my kids so I decided to stop going out of line for his too, he was very angry I didn’t prepare the spaghetti so he went to cook it by himself and dish them, after eating his kids came to meet me for help in their assignment,I told them to go and meet their father,ceetee since den this man hasn’t spoken to me, my friend said I went too far, he had stopped eating my food too, even stopped sleeping in our matrimonial bedroom, I really feel bad but I don’t want to apologize because I’m hurt too, please I really need your followers opinion, should I apologize?, whose fault?, Am I actually feeling entitled?
I’m so sorry for the long write up, I just want everyone to get the whole details🙏”