Singer Sade Adu’s transgender son celebrates her as she turns 61

Izaak Theo, the transgender son of British-Nigerian singer, Sade Adu is celebrating his mother as she clocked 61.

Taking to his social media page to celebrate the singer, Izaak shared a photo of them posing together during a lunch date and wrote: ‘You know how much I love you.’

British born transgender son, Izaak Theo- formerly known as Mickailia “Ila” Adu- lives his life on front street, with no regrets.

Izaak initially shocked the world a few years ago, when he announced he was making a transition toward living as a man.

What made his transition even more shocking for many, is that he was once known as Sade’s beautiful, feminine looking daughter, who rocked skirts, lipstick, and long weaves.

So, for millions of Sade’s fans, Mickailia “Ila” Adu’s seemingly rapid transition into Izaak caught them all of guard.