Singer, Jaywon drags Blessing Okoro to filth for calling him a ‘small boy’

Singer Jaywon has reacted after relationship therapist Blessing Okoro addressed him as a “small boy” in a comment box on Instagram.


Jaywon had replied to Blessing Okoro, whose marriage ended in divorce by saying that people whose marriages have spoilt are trying so hard to destroy other marriages.

In response, Blessing addressed him as a small boy after he accused her of leading other women astray because her marriage “don spoil.”


Taking to his Instagram, Jaywon opined that Blessing Okoro lacks the intellectual and moral capability to interact with him.

Read here;

Dear blessingceo or whatever it is you call yourself. Take a look at the Life and Times of everyone involved in this disturbing circle of the saga that’s been brewing, take a look at everyone; the singers, actresses, actors, LEGIT businessmen, do you actually think you have the right to talk in our midst? These are people with talents and are just mere humans making normal human mistakes.

You calling me a small boy isn’t the issue, it’s the most humdrum, vanilla thing I’ve been called, so try harder, little girl. My issue is the fact that the internet has put all of us together and even those without talents are now overnight celebrities and CEOs, not excluding those of you with roguish, disreputable, unprincipled, shameless, and tasteless backgrounds. How dare you?

Always so quick to broke shame people despite your unexplainable source of wealth, YET WE KNOW YOUR STORY BLESSING, YES, YOU!! WE KNOW YOUR STORY. Always quick to jump into issues above your intellectual and moral paygrade.

I’ll however tell you one thing and that goes for ALL of you “overnight celebrities” with lower pedestal or intellectual wavelength as more hardworking, quieter ones…

Dear little girl, you think because you have followers and you get your nonsense gibberish posted on blogs, that makes you a celebrity or motivational speaker? Or that you move with big wigs means you’re big too?

Let me tell you this today..THAT YOUR CHIHUAHUA HAS SPENT A DAY WITH THE CHEETAH DOES NOT MAKE IT AN EXPERT IN RUNNING AFFAIRS OF THE JUNGLE. Oh! Blessing, I forgot, I’m addressing an unintelligent nitwit, my bad.! Get someone more intelligent to translate that to you. Peace!! blessing say you dey wine my nipple AJE?”

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