“Should I tell him? ” – Lady seeks advice after discovering husband of woman who is gradually stealing her Sugar daddy’s heart

An unidentified lady is tempted to inform the husband of the woman who is stealing her Sugar daddy’s heart about his wife’s escapades.

Sugar daddy lady husband

The lady who fumed over the fact that her sugar daddy no longer spends on her as he used to, has sought the advice of netizens on her intended move.

The gist reads:

“My Sugar daddy works in one of the Custodian offices in Lagos. He has been befriending a young lady in his office for a while and she just got married last year. He has shifted all attention to her and spoils her a lot. I don’t even get my monthly allowance not to talk of other freebies. He calls me once in a while and doesn’t take me out anymore. I have….”

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Sugar daddy lady husband

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