“She sabi dance pass me” – Elderly woman leaves passersby speechless as she shows off incredible dance skills (Video)

An elderly woman believed to be a grandmother made a good impression on viewers as she displayed very incredible dance skills.

In a recently uploaded video, the old woman was seen dancing aggressively while music was being played in the background.

Elderly Woman Showing Off Her Dance Skills
Elderly Woman

The woman, whose name wasn’t revealed, appears to be very old judging by her looks, but this did not stop her from jumping and dancing excitedly.

Concerned individuals who watched the beautiful clip have taken to the comment page to praise the woman for her great dance.

See some reactions below:

car_rental_lagos: “She sabi dance pass me.”

chideraeke___: “See you energy if na you dem dea dash money more energy no go come dea play comot body for granny jor.”

ichigozie008_ignatius_skills: “Her beauty is not just for a moment but it is for a lifetime. Good morning in advance.”

ivie_special_: “Body go pain this old woman if she reach house.”

pretty_chinenye__: “The camera person no sabiii him/ her work well , na to collect slap to reset the brain , why the hand dey shake na.”

fakilevictor5: “She’s so good I think she trained tee dollar to dancing.”

mhiz_harbisolar: “Wonder what she looks like in her 30s anyway you people no dey stress her on top money she go still use go buy pain relief.”


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