“She no wan be Mummy GO” – Moment lady declines as pastor proposes to her in church

Marriage proposal goes wrong in a viral video as pastor publicly proposes to girlfriend only to get humiliated and assaulted by her.

The young pastor asked the lady to be his wife after they had been together for 6 months.

"She no wan be Mummy GO" – Moment lady declines as pastor proposes to her in church
Marriage proposal.

In the video which surfaced online, the man went down on one knee to ask the lady to be his fiancée.

Church members could be heard urging her to say yes, but rather than accept, she turned down the proposal and smacked him across the head.

Reactions as lady declines as pastor proposes to her…

ladyque_1 said: “She no wan be mummy GO”

weeeezzzzy wrote: “Jezebel 1 Pastor 0”

emeka_ opined: “Had it been she know him now, she give him dirty slap”

meetpauladean stated: “This is what Christianity has turned into.. No more preaching the gospel and saving souls but mediocrity and shamelessness..
No wam, I dey game”

evaxalordiah said: “Women who do this!!! Please I beg, get SENSE oooooh! Ha. You can hug him and say no behind closed doors, not do nonsense like this.”

ty_phili wrote: “Firstly, the pastor was wrong to do that in Church. Secondly, the lady did not need to react that way, that’s wrong. Everyone deserves to be loved. She can just say No and walk away, it’s that simple”

tatibg_geng commented: “But someone should know if a person is into him/her or not.
So what have they been discussing in their relationship? Na the Pastor I

eniola__sarah remarked: “I’m more bothered about who added that soundtrack”

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