“She don wound all her kind” – Lady stirs controversy as she says only broke girls date more than one man (Video)

A young lady has chastised unfaithful women who are in the habit of dating multiple men for money.

According to the lady, the main reason a lot of women get into relationship with more than one man is because they have no money of their own.
She believes that any girl that goes out with more than one man is a hungry person.

Her assertion didn’t go unnoticed by other ladies who have taken to comment section to severely chastise her:

her_candiness wrote: “You think?? Some people can’t just be faithful even if you give them the world so I disagree”

14_characters wrote: ” We need to protect her seriously”

the_real_tobe_official wrote: “Ahhhh she don wound all her kind”

dorimevibes wrote: “It could also mean she doesnt want to put her eggs in one basket. So when the first guy disappoints her she has another option to turn to”

Watch the video below:

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