“She doesn’t respect me” – Nigerian woman who employed Oyinbo maid in her matrimonial home cries out over persistent disrespect (Video)

A Nigerian woman identified as Angela Nwosu, confronted her Oyinbo maid, Angel, over an alleged act of disrespect.

In the video, Angela Nwosu expressed her disappointment and questioned Angel’s behavior, highlighting her previous experiences working for other employers.

Angel, visibly apologetic, acknowledged her mistake and expressed remorse for her actions.

She admitted that her earlier behavior was due to being in a cranky mood and took full responsibility for her actions.

“I’m so sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to, I was just cranky. It was my fault I’m so sorry,” Angel apologized.

The video revealed Angela’s concerns about Angel’s understanding of her role as a maid and underscored the significance of maintaining respect in their working relationship.

Angela contemplated the possibility of implementing stricter rules and boundaries to address the situation.

She mentioned that she was considering limiting Angel’s movements and imposing more regulations within the household to prevent future incidents.

Angela expressed her exhaustion with what she perceived as disrespect from Angel.

She speculated that their close relationship and shared activities might have contributed to Angel’s behavior.

Angela stated that she had discussed the incident with her husband and that they planned to address the situation together once he returned.

“I’ve already spoken with my husband. I told him when he comes back we will talk about it. I’m so tired of your disrespect maybe because I play with you, take walks with you, we hang out, that’s why you are disrespecting me,” Angela Nwosu said.

Netizens Reactions…

@vumiledlamini57 said;  “Someone pls enlighten me, dis is a family of 3 so wat are 3 house maids doing in 1 house but it is none of my business.” 

@senje litty reacted; “Why calling the girl maid who raised you instead call her another name.”

@Bellah Chris commented: “Give me that job I will respect you madam ‚l’m in Dubai hire me please.”

@issacisilver reacted; “Shes not your maid my friend shes your helper show her some respect.”

@jinel3 reacted; “She needs UNIFORM.”

@peshwabobi commented; “People commenting about uniform, how would you feel putting on uniform year to year or she is working in the mall that she should be recognised.”

@user9909848400243 said; “You don’t respect her in return I see no reason of her apologizing.”

@hdaniidowu said; “She want to live a good life with a disobedient spirit, uniform please.”

@Akofar D said; “I think a little distance will help her nd let her wear the maid uniform cos she only respects ur husband my opinion tho.”

@Marycynthia Onyinyechi Okonkwo said; “Please forgive her ma please forgive.”

@abigailnkoma reacted: “mmmmmmm next time you might need her madam respect her she’s very kind.”

@dark_knight403 reacted; “You have to set boundaries, if not you will keep saying the same thing and if you feel she is stressing you out,let her go.” 

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