“She can’t go hungry abroad” – Young girl expertly installs hair and frontals for customer, video wows many

A young girl impresses many as she expertly installs frontals and hair for a customer in a trending video.

The video that surfaced online shows the little girl carrying out the business of making the customer look good like a pro.

young girl hair install frontals
Little girl installing hair for customer.

She carried out the various aspects of the hair installation with the poise and confidence of an expert, combing and trimming the hair of the customer to fit the required results.

The customer happily flaunted the hair that the little girl installed for her and the clean frontals that she did and many couldn’t help but gush over her her hair-making skills.

Check out reactions that followed …

prankhottiee remarked: “She can’t go hungry abroad”

destinyamaka commented: “This is lovely but can she read and write? What about school?😩 our children need to be children oh time to hustle go come”

emeka_ penned: “May God bless her hustle. I see her opening a salon and being very successful”

e_abirhire asserted: “Definition of under 20 but 40years experience 👏👏👏”

usendollar revealed: “Thanks for posting my junior sister ❤ she’s so smart from bed ❤ she already know how to plat raster when she was just 4 years old ❤”

sbn_michael stated: “Imagine this girl in few years time
I’m so proud of her”

Watch video below …