“She came to our school with a nasty attitude” – Corps member’s rejection letter stirs reactions

A Corps member has tearfully shared a picture of the rejection letter she had gotten from her PPA.

It was reported that she had gone to the PPA to plead to be rejected due to personal reasons.

However, things took a wrong turn after she got her rejection letter from the school she was posted.

According to the letter, she showed up at the school with a very nasty attitude and they were rejecting her because she wasn’t ready to work.

The rejection letter reads:


“We write to notify you that Miss(Name withheld) with the call-up number (withheld) reported to our school on 2nd June 2023 and was accepted to serve with us.

“However, she requested for a rejection letter, which the school did not oblige her but referred her to the LGI. The corp member reported thereafter on the 6th of June with a nasty attitude to the proprietress of the school and also requested for a rejection letter again.

On this note, We are giving her a rejection letter because her attitude shows that she is not ready to work.

Note: Her messages to the proprietress.

“Good morning madam. This is Angel, The corp member that came to your school. I don’t know why you are refusing to give me a rejection letter, well you are forcing your school on me which is not good.”

See the letter below:

"She came to our school with a nasty attitude" - Corps member's rejection letter stirs reactions

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