“She began asking for my husband’s number” – Businesswoman recounts firing lady she employed

Businesswoman narrates how she fired a lady she employed after she began asking for her husband’s number just three days after employment.

The lady revealed that she had sought the services of the lady in helping them out at their warehouse with small labour and clean ups.

According to her, she and her husband usually manages the place so they employed her to help out with small clean up tasks around the place.

However, three days into her new job, the lady began asking the businesswoman if she could send her husband’s number so she can contact him if she isn’t able to reach her (the businesswoman).

Businesswoman lady

The businesswoman said that she had decided to play it cool by explaining to the lady that she could always reach her since her phone is never switched off.

Although, she gave her a phony number and it didn’t come much as a shock to her when the lady texted the number introducing herself to the her husband.

The businesswoman said that she had to fire her because she was requesting to meet up and have dinner with her husband.

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