“Sharp move” – Lady uses N250K given to her for wig to buy yams for her roadside business

Lady shares how she used the N250K that was given to her to buy a wig to grow her business as she buys numerous yam tubers.

The business lady known as @sexyakarafryer took to her Tiktok page to reveal that someone had gifted her N250K to treat herself right.

"Sharp move" - Lady uses N250K given to her for wig to buy yams yor her roadside business

She revealed that the undisclosed individual gave her the money to buy for herself expensive of a new wig.

However, she had decided to use the money to input into her roadside yam business.

She bought lots of yam which she intends to sell off to make more cash instead.

The caption she wrote read:

“N250k was given to you for wig, you decided to use it to buy your goods. In two weeks’ time, the money will multiply. Then, you will buy the wig and still have extra N250k.”

Read the comments below:

@Olivia 54 commented: “I want to start this business ohhh, but my friends said it is for old women.”

@Mhiz Bliss said: “God bless your hustle, sweetheart. I love making friends with girls that have vision.”

@beauty queen said: “My love for you is too much. I need this kind of friendship. Friendship that will always bring business Ideas. Not the one that will be fighting men.”

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