Sharon Ooja vows to torment singles with ‘my husband’ remarks

The notable Nollywood actress, Sharon Ooja presses singles’ neck as she vows to maintain ‘my husband this and that’ energy for as long as possible.

Sharon Ooja who recently engaged her partner expressed her love and appreciation for her husband following his remark on her outfit at a wedding event.

Sharon Ooja

The actress, who continuously captured the attention of singles with her married life, used her Snapchat page to express gratitude to God for blessing her with her husband.

She posted stunning photos of herself, mentioning that her husband adores those pictures with a triggering caption, “My husband’s wife,” and “My Husband loves these pictures”.

Sharon Ooja vows to torment single people with 'my husband' remarks

This, however, triggered a reaction from one of her friends who recounted Sharon’s plan to suffocate single people with her marriage.

“This girl warned us o! She warned us. She told us she will finish us with “my husband my husband”. Justice for single pringles,” her friend stated.

In response, Sharon Ooja wrote, “Lmfao something wey I just dey start.”

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