Senegalese Minister brutally beaten by angry countrymen in France for alleged corruption

A Senegalese minister was brutally assaulted by his fellow countrymen during a recent visit to France, leaving him with severe injuries.

The shocking incident unfolded on the streets of Paris when a group of Senegalese citizens recognized the politician and expressed their anger towards his alleged corrupt practices and perceived failure in implementing effective policies in Senegal.

Senegalese citizens give their minister ‘welcome beating’ in France over alleged corruption (Video)
A photo of the Senegalese minister who was brutally beaten. Photo Credit: @joshjeje2. Source: Twitter

A video capturing the assault was shared on social media, showcasing the disturbing scene.

In the footage, the minister can be seen initially attempting to defend himself against his attackers, but the sheer number of assailants quickly overwhelmed him, forcing him to succumb to their aggression.

According to the person who uploaded the video, the Senegalese citizens were deeply dissatisfied with the minister’s actions and policies in their home country.

They accused him of engaging in corrupt practices and failing to address critical issues affecting the nation.

The assailants expressed their discontent through physical violence and verbal insults.

Despite sustaining injuries, the politician attempted to walk away from the scene, but the group relentlessly pursued him, continuously hurling scornful words and expressions of their discontent.

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