“Sell it as scrap” — Portable’s mechanic publicly advices singer following car accident (Video)

Following the car accident of the famous street-rapper, Portable Omolalomi, his mechanic has advised him to sell the car as a scrap piece of metal.

It would be recalled that some days ago the singer crashed his new Mercedes Benz Brabus in Lagos on his way to his studio.

Famous Street raper, Portable at a recent show. Credit: Portablebaeby / Instagram.

A video, however, making the rounds on social media captured the singer’s mechanic critically analyzing the state of the vehicle and the possibility of its repair.

According to the mechanic, the car suffered a severe hit that damaged the engine while emphasizing that the possibility of having it repaired would cost a fortune.

Portable's mechanic

In conclusion, he advised Portable to take the car to a popular metal scrap market in Lagos, Ladipo and sell the Brabus as scrap.

“Sell your G-wagon as scrap at Ladipo Market so they will use it as spare Parts, The Whole G-wagon is a complete write off, The Engine of the G-wagon has been affected by the accident, to repair it is almost impossible,” he said in part.

Reactions trailing Portable’s mechanic about selling the car as scrap

sirbalocomedy_ said: “Accident will never be our portion in Jesus name. This is not right. Unprofessional bro. Why you mocking the owner of the car.”

stardocofficial_ opined: “Person get accident … full fledged man come carry camera to do tatafo”

manny__soso wrote: “To be honest this guy is being unprofessional, I am very sure this is now how he always announce 📢 to the public on all the cars he receive from his clients . It is not funny . So if I bring car come your shop now you go go post am online they talk say make I sell am like scrab, I swear your mind go touch ground . So unprofessional 🗣️🤐”

ayojahofficial penned: “All for clout? Where are we going in this age and time we’re living in.  A customer brought a car for repair and you can’t call him to tell him that you can’t revive the car, you come online to post it? To get more customers. Laughing at another man’s misfortune. To think that most of y’all laughing at portable might never touch or see the kind of money that boy has earned is just ridiculous”

Watch the video below …

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