“See person lovely husband dey lie down for ground” – Mixed feelings trail Israel’s reaction as Davido touches down Lagos

A video of Israel DMW prostrating on the ground to welcome Davido has elicited backlash for him.

A video which has stirred mixed feelings has shown how Israel DMW reacted after Davido’s private jet touched down Lagos.

The singer’s logistics aide sparked reactions online after he was spotted welcoming the Afrobeats singer in a way some have frowned upon.

When Davido’s plane landed at the airport Israel and some airport officials were already there to welcome him.

Israel DMW raise his hands skyhigh to praise him and then prostrated on the ground while the musician descended the plane stairs.

Davido Israel DMW
Davido and Israel DMW.

When he stood up they began playing like friends who had known each other since childhood.

Some netizens have the opinion that he shouldn’t still be acting in such a way since he is now married.

Check out reactions below …

jeffryprettypretty penned: “Nah person lovely husband sleep for ground for davido so, we Benin people no dey fall hand like this, what is going on”

iamtrinityguy wrote: “I can say the best loyal in the World loyalty pay alot”

dinzzylb stated: “Love of Money is the root of all evil But you see poverty, that one na evil forest oh”

amara_shuga said: “My father always says don’t trust the royalty and love from a poor man,they only want something from you”

gratitude_is_suitable_for_me remarked: “Eye service too much for Isreal”

dinzzylb opined: “Isreal is a m@n and needs to start acting like one. He can’t keep embarrass!ng himself and his family like this all the time. Davido should try and put a stop to it please, it has gone on for so long. We know Davido is his helper but this habit of always prostrating, kneeling or rolling on the floor needs to stop. He is at least years older than Davido so he needs to stop all that nOns£Ense.”

Watch video below …