“See him eyes, baba don fall” — Mother shows off toddler crushing on Ayra Starr

Ghanaian mother shows her one year old toddler who seems to have a massive crush on Nigerian singer, Ayra Starr.

The mother shared the video to her Tiktok page, @emefa8, where she is surprised at her son’s affection for the musician.

The little boy could be seen smiling sheepishly at the television set as a video of Ayraa Starr was playing.

“See him eyes, baba don fall” — Mother shows off toddler who is crushing on Ayra Starr
The little boy watching a video of Ayra Starr.

Ayraa Starr reacted to the mother’s video, admitting it was a very cute one.

Here are some other responses to the video

@kheeng_jay noted: “that first smile was like…. ” i see you the love of my life”😂😂😂”

@sky reacted: “aww look at the love in his eyes you can just see it 🥺😫🥰”

@effedeborah said: “Grandpa come out of that body now.. we know it’s you 😂”

@iammckefas wondered: “And you think this is okay? This generation sha.. is this how your own parent brought you up? SMH”

@om_minaj stated: “At least you don sure say you no born Ndi rainbow 😂”

@nora_okeke added: “Baba don fall 😂😂😂😂See him smile 😂”

@haroldwonder asked: “Why are you allowing him to see mini skirt? 😞😞 Is it not too early? 🤌🏽”

Watch video here


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