School proprietress reportedly ties hands, legs of one-year-old pupil; flogs him to coma [Details]

Mrs Ogbo, the proprietress of Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School, Asaba, Delta State, has reportedly flogged a one-year-old old pupil into coma.

Reports gathered said the boy has been admitted at an undisclosed hospital in Delta State after the proprietress tied his legs and hands before giving him 31 strokes of the cane because he played with water.

The victims teary mother, who lamented the inhumane act meted out on her child said, “My son has not been himself since the incident, this is him on the hospital bed receiving drip after the incident in the school and up until now, the school has not called to know how he is faring or how it’s going.”

Meanwhile, further reports say the proprietress is asking for forgiveness and pledging to pay the hospital bills of the baby after the police intervened.


The ACVPN Chief Operating Officer said, “According to the baby’s mother, her son’s hands and legs were tied by the owner of the school who gave him 31 strokes of the cane.

“The name of the School is Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School, Asaba, Delta State, behind Ibori Golf Club.

“The school proprietress tied his hands and legs and started flogging him; he is just a year and seven months old – all this because the baby played with the tap water and got himself wet. What do you expect from a child of that age? 

“The owner of the school is Mrs Ogbo, she is from Orifite while the husband is from Akwuku Igbo in Delta State.

“Currently the proprietress has been arrested. She is now pleading, promising to pay for all expenses incurred by the baby’s treatment.

“This was a woman who was initially boasting to the baby’s mother that she has people in high places in the police force but for us, forgiveness is a sin.


“Who gave such monsters approval to operate a school? Where is the Ministry of Education Quality Assurance unit?

“The proprietress’ elder sister went to the hospital the baby is currently admitted, ranting that nothing will happen. Thankfully the police officers from GRA Police Station, Asaba, Delta State apprehended her and she too has given a confessional statement. She is being detained along with the proprietress and her son.”


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