Robot spotted controlling traffic on Nigerian road, it stuns many

A robot has caused a buzz online as it is seen taking on the role of regulating traffic on a bustling road in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

A video shared online by user @XBrianDennis has since gone viral, showcasing the automated traffic director’s seamless interaction with passing vehicles and the amazement of onlookers.

In the captivating video, the robot, perched on a police post, can be seen confidently gesturing to vehicles, just as a human traffic officer would.

Robot spotted controlling traffic on Nigerian road, it stuns many

What truly caught the attention of those present was the immediate and obedient response from passing motorists, who dutifully followed the robot’s directives.

The video quickly sparked conversations on social media, with some dubbing the robot as “Optimus Prime.”

Others likened the robot’s appearance to a sophisticated costume worn by a human.

@XBrianDennis, who shared the video, offered his own commentary.

He wrote;

“Since Abuja people won’t obey traffic lights and traffic officers, VIO has brought a robot to control traffic.”

Netizens Reactions…

@XBrianDennis said; “They turned Optimus Prime to a traffic warden.”

@HomieSlam commented; “Sometimes I wonder why it is so difficult to wait 3-5 minutes at a traffic light for a free flow of traffic and an accident-free road. What’s the hurry about?”

@IamJohnkelvin commented; “Bumble Bee don enter Abuja.”

@Senior__001 reacted; “I go use moto jam am comot.”

@drteepie said: “The robot is tired already.”

@AbayomiAgbomire said; “Absolutely nothing you won’t see in this country. What is this bayi?”

@ManLikeWike said; “I came to Abuja for a job, and throughout my stay, not one driver obeyed traffic lights.”

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