“RIP Lion, you fought a good fight” – Nigerians react as hunger kills Lion in Kaduna state zoo

Nigerians have reacted to the sudden death of a lion caused by hunger in the Kaduna state zoo.

Lion hunger kaduna state

Recall that the Lion went viral last year before its death for being malnourished in a Zoo in Nigeria.

As the news of the death of the wild animal surfaced on the internet, @metropolexpress in a tweet made an upload of the lion’s pictures on his Twitter page.

Lion hunger kaduna state


The lion in the pictures uploaded looked hungry and frail. Unlike, what a well-fed lion in the savannah desert ought to look like.

According to @metropolexpress, the lion which was one of the few animals in the Kaduna zoo died from health complications and hunger, inclusive.

Here’s what @metropolexpress tweeted;

“Next level; Lion died of hunger in Kaduna zoo. A staff (member) of the zoo confirmed that the lion seen in the viral video has passed on. According to the source, the lion died as a result of health complications.

Lion hunger kaduna state

However, Nigerians have reacted to this news. Many have blamed the lion for being caught and kept in Nigeria zoo, others have blamed the government for the hunger situation in Nigeria.

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