Repentant runs girl in dilemma as she discovers her fiancé’s uncle used to be her regular client

An ex runs girl has found herself in a fix as she discovers that her fiancé’s uncle used to be one of her regular clients.

The South African woman took to a relationship platform on Facebook to share her problem with netizens.

Repentant runs girl in dilemma

According to her, prior to repenting from her ways, she used to engage in hook up in order to make ends meet and feed her child. However, things had turned around for her when she finally met the man of her dreams at a church.

She had repented from her ways and has decided to live a decent life and get involved with her fiancé’s family.

The narrator revealed that during the introductions, it was shocking for her to discover that her fiancé’s uncle used to be one of her customers.

She said that the uncle had later demanded for intimacy in exchange for his silence on their past affair.

See complete story below:

“Hi Rakgadi Momoza. Please hide me. I used to sell 🍑 to feed my child. I quit last year when I found a normal job. I met a guy in church and we fell in love. He proposed and I happily said yes. His aunt passed away in February, so I had to go to his place to support him. It was my first time meeting his family. The initial plan was introduce me to the family in April, but unfortunately his aunt died and we had to postpone. On my arrival he introduced me to his siblings and mom. They are very nice people. When he introduced me to his uncle I almost fainted. The guy was my regular client when I was selling 🍑 in Polokwane. We pretended as if we didn’t know each other. The same night the uncle came to me while my boyfriend was out. He wanted me to give him 🍑 in exchange for his silence about what I used to do. When I refused he called his nephew. I quickly grabbed the phone from him and hung up. We did it in the car. I felt so dirty afterwards. To cut the story short, he has been sleeping with me since the funeral week. Everytime he gets a chance he calls me and we do it. Sometimes we do it at my boyfriend’s place. I know if my boyfriend finds out I was selling he’ll dump me. My problem now is my boyfriend is sending his family next month to pay lobola. The very same uncle who’s blackmailing me will be part of the delegates. He’ll probably demand 🍑 or he’ll tell everyone about my past. What must I do? Should I confess or just continue with the uncle?”

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