“Remind my kids I love them if I die unexpectedly” – Tonto Dikeh shares cryptic message

Tonto Dikeh, a renowned Nigerian actress and politician, recently shared a cryptic message on her Instagram that left many concerned.

In a post on her Instagram story, Tonto Dikeh asked her followers to remind her kids of how much she loves them if she were to pass away unexpectedly.

Tonto Dikeh
Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh and her son

The heartfelt message expressed her deep love and willingness to do anything for her children.

In her words:
“If I pass away unexpectedly, remind my kids every time you see them how much I love them, how I would do anything in this world for them. This is all I want.”

It should be noted that Tonto Dikeh has a son with her ex-husband, Churchill.

Earlier this year, Tonto Dikeh celebrated her son, King Andre, on his 7th birthday. She marked the occasion by getting seven huge cakes to commemorate the milestone.

In an Instagram post, Tonto Dikeh expressed her dedication to her son’s future, stating that she stopped living for herself a long time ago and now focuses on setting things right for her son.

The message shared by Tonto Dikeh on Instagram reflects her profound love and commitment to her children, emphasizing the importance of reminding them of her love if anything were to happen unexpectedly.

See the post below: