Reactions Trail Video Of Nigerians Rejoicing After Paying N100 For A Trip That Cost N3000

A driver heading to Benin City, Edo State causes reactions after offering a transport fee far lesser than expected.

In what seemed too good to be true, it was revealed that the driver intended on charging a fee of N100 per head, instead of the normal N3000.

In the video that is on circulation in social media, although there was no information where they boarded from, but many passengers were seen in a joyful mood as they intend onboarding.

Watch the video below;

Many Nigerians didn’t waste time to react to the drastic decrease in the fee. Expressing their concerns, as they found it suspicious.

Most of them on a serious note jokingly stated that they are on their way to Sambisa, the location of Boko Haram terrorists.

3k wey you suppose pay for normal transport you go use am pay 3M if hand don reach you”

sambisa here they come”

Congrats dear , until you finally cross over . shamarora e fit shock you”

That’s how it should be in this country for goodness sake. Make life easy for the citizens. And ofcous she’s happy”

Naso den Dey carry dem go sambisa..”

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