Home Entertainment News Razz babe with zero coordination – Man calls out BBNaija’s Angel

Razz babe with zero coordination – Man calls out BBNaija’s Angel

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel has been called out for allegedly refusing to pay her social media handler.

A Twitter user identified as RsvpTemple claimed that Angel refused to pay his sister who handled her social media pages while she was in Big Brother’s house.

He further claimed that Angel is threatening to sue them for demanding payment.

Temple wrote,

“yeah, my recent tweets have been about @theangeljbsmith whose account was handled by my sister @thatsapphiree while she was in the house.

This razz babe flat out refused do the agreed handler reveal and doesn’t want to pay either. and she wants to sue. sue, you fucking idiot.

Next thing, they’ll come and yarn that her mental health se kinikan – as per my sister’s mental health doesn’t matter?

You, that your midget manager named Lola, and that broke boi crybaby-Foresythe with the itsybitsy teenie weenie wiener, please sue.

this babe went into the house with literally zero coordination. I don’t need to yarn much about the work the handler put in cos we all saw it.

To think you’ll finesse your way out of putting out one fucking tweet recognising my sis for her work? nah, this werey wan touch me.”