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Rapper Zoro reacts after a lady accused him of rape

Nigerian rapper, Owoh Chimaobi Chrismathner popularly known as Zoro has reacted to the rape allegation levelled against him.

Rapper Zoro reacts after a lady accused him of rape

Recall that a lady alleged Zoro raped her in his friend’s house in the Magodo area of Lagos on April 20th, 2015. The lady also claimed that Zoro’s manager reached out to her and is trying to intimidate her.

Reacting to the lady’s rape accusation, the rapper wondered why she is trying to accuse him falsely and what she hopes to gain from the allegations. He said that rape is nasty act which he will never partake in.

He wrote;

“Rape is such a nasty act, that I will never ever take partake in it or be involved with anybody that rapes, I even find it difficult to say the word. I feel really terrible that someone has accused me of the act. I do not know exactly why she is doing what she is doing. I forgive and I pray God forgives her too, but because this will also hurt people that look up to me, my family brands I work with and fans, I have decided to take legal actions to address this.

I am willing as well to provide legal support to Yachit too so she has proper representation and to make sure there’s no thought of suppression or intimidation. My team also tried to contact her to understand exactly what her problems are but she labeled it suppression and trying to shut her up which is also false, this one weak me meyne but God Dey. To make it clear, I did not rape Yachit. I’m putting this out ahead of my legal team’s statement. Stay careful out there guys.”


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