“Queen wanted to used the pregnancy to pin Lamba down” – VeryDarkMan says, reveals when Queen and Lamba started ‘Knacking’

A social media personality, Verydarkman has reacted to BBNaija’s Queen and Nasty Blaq’s childbearing skit, which recently went viral online.

In the video, Queen Mercy Atang enters and informs Nasty Blaq that she is pregnant. When he asks what they should do about it, she suggests termination, which he reluctantly accepts.

When they arrive at the hospital, they are shocked to learn that the treatment will cost 11 million Naira.

The following scene in the video depicts Queen Mercy Atang and Nasty Blaq dancing wildly during their child’s dedication ceremony in church some months later, implying that they did not proceed with the procedure due to the costs involved.

“You’re her 2nd option” – VeryDarkMan tells Queen’s fiancé, reveals when Queen and Lamba started 'Knacking'
Verydarkman, Social media personality. source: Google

The film sparked a flurry of insinuations from netizens, who quickly attempted to link it to the Queen’s real-life issue with her baby daddy, Lord Lamba.

In context with this, VeryDarkMan, who was dissatisfied with the video, became furious. He lamented how most girls seek social media attention, which undoubtedly led Queen to appear in such a skit.

Sending a firm message to Queen’s fiance, he informed him that Queen is only considering him as her second option.

VDM went on to explain how Queen and Lamba’s love affair began, claiming that they were just neighbours and that something happened during their frequent visits.

Verydarkman claimed that there was nothing official between the two before she became pregnant, that Queen merely wanted to use the pregnancy to pin Lamba down.

Captioning the video, he wrote:

“To the guy who want marry lord lamba baby mama, you are a second option,I hope the marriage works,to nasty blaq I am disappointed,maybe because I hold you in high esteem 🤷 well na so the industry be,always try to kee the competition 🤷💪 @lordlamba this is an opportunity to say your side and drop evidences,also ignore everything and stand up for yourself(they will say VDM 8 women now,VDM DOESNT SEE GENDER(if you bad you bad,if you good you good).”

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